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We are specialized in many different market segments. Our experts have a proven track record with some of the largest companies across a wide range of vertical markets. Most of the origins in our network are served by direct sailing. The commitment is to connect the world using technology and take full advantage of the internet vast reach through the integration and linkage of customers and shipping partners to promote safety and quality.

Food & Beverage industry

Send your food in a safe way. Quality assured on all routes and constantly updated on international food safety standards to ensure compliance of the food chain for your food import processes: Groceries, Animal Food, Drinks, Juice concentrate, Wines, Food ingredients and raw material.

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

We have a specialist team in this sector to help customers with mode and route optimization. We recommend to always put thermal imagers with the goods for recording and monitoring of temperature: Medical and Hospital, Pharmaceuticals  & OTC, Beauty products, Medical products and personal care, Medical disposables.


Customers benefit from our proven industry expertise and in-depth experience as one of the largest importers of tiles based on our experience and technical knowledge. We play an important role in many different types of construction for Importers, Buying Agents, Traders, Developers: Porcelain, Mosaic, Floor, Wall, Samples, Roof Tiles.

Forest Products

Full knowledge of the market and the needs of the timber sector from production to efficient logistics: Tropical Woods, Sawn Timber, Doors, Compensated, MDF/ HDF/ MDP, Panels, Wood Sheet.

Hotel Logistics

Logistics and transport solutions for hotel chains, resorts, and tourism suppliers. We also provide services for renovations, toiletries, and food. Extra strong logistics for your company.


We support many of the most respected companies in the automotive industry. Spare parts, Tyres, Chemicals, Motor oil, Accessories, OEMs, Commercial vehicles.


When it comes to our High Tech customers, we do everything in our power to optimize speed-to-market. We provide an effective supply chain that is both flexible and cost-efficient: Consumer electronics, Computer equipment, Data storage, Telecommunications equipment, Machinery, and components.

Chemicals & Plastics

Shipping chemicals and plastics are intricate and specialized. Our experts know the risks and added considerations that are inherent to shipping these materials: Packaged chemicals, Mining, Energy, Lubricant Oils, Resin.

Construction & Hardware

We serve the construction and hardware sector providing container shipping including LCL and FCL shipping; Gypsum Wallboard, Granite Slab, Tin Set, Grout, Lumber, Plywood, Steel Coil, Sanitary Ware and Building materials.