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We have been able to provide our clients with a high- quality Road, Rail and Sea service throughout North America arranging highly efficient logistics for their import cargo.

With a highly qualified team and deep knowledge of international transport, our work begins when we analyze and choose the best logistic option for each shipment, since the first contact with the shipper to organize cargo pick up, until cargo arrival in Jamaica. All this service is made with a detailed and complete follow up.

Our principals are nominated by a strict selection procedure to fulfill each client needs. This make it possible for us to offer a special and unique service offering extremely competitive rates for all kinds of transport.

Regarding to our industrial shipments, we are coordinating shipping into Jamaica for Paramount Trading (Jamaica) Ltd, Jisco Alpart, WIGTON Wind Farm, Jamalco, Jamaica Public Service Company, Windalco, National Water Commission, Jamaica Private Power Company, West Kingston Power Partners, ARC Systems, Tank-Weld Metals, Jamaica Energy Partners and Hardware & Lumber Ltd.

Friendly, attentive and professional these are hallmarks of our outstanding customer service. Our staff is highly motivated and carry their responsibilities with enthusiasm. We believe in co-operative style of management. In all, we take care of our client service requirements with expertise, awareness, rapidity & team work. Our professional staffs possess the necessary tools to help gain a competitive edge.  We are an intelligent choice for those companies seeking to increase profitability, strengthen their supply chain and enhance customer service.

  • Warehouse operation at key locations.
  • Professional, dedicated and experienced team.
  • Committed and selected quality partners.
  • Quality management system.
  • EDI connection to key carriers enable us to streamline our processes, simplifying documentation and ensuring reliable tracking and tracing.